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    Our Mission

    Our vision is to create an organization whose community supports and wants to build the future of the events industry in the era of digitization. I would like to invite everyone who both want to share their experience and have a need to improve and obtain information about digital events to cooperate.


    The event market, both due to the epidemiological situation in the world and technological development, is moving to the web. We’re right there to meet the e-event organizers’ needs. With strong specialization in multimedia projects and events running in our blood, we offer comprehensive service of an online event – regardless if it is a conference, webinar, shareholders’ meeting or any other kind of e-event.

    Piotr Majewski

    MOOV has its own studio equipped with XR, allowing to conduct a digital event in a professional manner, while maintaining all safety rules and social distance. Our team of graphic designers and animators makes sure that your digital scenography is one of a kind, ensuring a unique virtual space for each event.



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